Pat Sczebel

Pastor, worship leader, songwriter

Fresh Affection for God While Holding my New Grandbaby

I’m writing this blog post at 35,000 feet on my way home from meeting my new grandbaby, my first grandbaby! Elouise Cecila Sczebel was born February 7th in Louisville, Kentucky. She is adorable, as close to perfection as you get! For six days my wife and I took turns holding her and telling her how much we loved her. I couldn’t help but thank God over and over again for this precious gift. I’m grateful that we live in a day with modern technology where there are such things as Skype and FaceTime but it pales in comparison to actually being there and holding her. I was not prepared for the flood of emotion I felt the first day we arrived and I took her in my arms. Every day was better than the next but I knew the day was coming when I was going to have to say goodbye.

Elouise is a precious gift from God to me and to the whole Sczebel family. But like all gifts, she’s intended to direct our attention to God and create fresh affection for God. Everything about her tiny 6½lb nature pointed me afresh to the Author of life, the giver and sustainer of breath. She reminded me that there is coming a day, a day I can only imagine, when I will see Jesus my Saviour face to face! The One who fills my life with good things, who satisfies me in the morning with his steadfast love, who daily loads me down with benefits! I have 10,000 reasons to want to spend eternity praising him for his goodness!

I can hardly wait for that day and often think about what that day will be like, the flood of emotions I will feel in that moment. Although in this life I have not seen him, “My heart knows him well,” as Brook Fraser writes in her song “Soon.” There is coming a day where I will never have to say goodbye for “I will be with the One I love. With unveiled face I’ll see him. There my soul will be satisfied, soon and very soon”. Thank you Elouise for pointing me to Jesus, my Saviour and reminding me that I have you in my life all because of Jesus. Papa loves you.