Pat Sczebel

Pastor, worship leader, songwriter

A sure way to avoid dead orthodoxy


Have you ever given any thought to the statement above by John Piper? Jesus said in John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Jesus is truth. Truth is Jesus. Therefore if you say you love Jesus you will want to know Him better every day and the best means of doing this is, loving His Word.
But if you’re like me, I find myself at times reading my Bible as if it’s just another good book. I don’t read it as if God himself is speaking to me, wanting to show me more of Himself by the power of His Holy Spirit. I can read, study, and memorize, thinking this will help me be a better person or give me wisdom for a certain situation in my life. But these things cannot be disconnected. I need to read His very Words of life to my soul so that I can know Him better and love Him more.
He is a speaking God and He wants to speak to you today. Open your Bible and listen as the Holy Spirit shows you Christ in a new way. This is a sure way to avoid dead orthodoxy and keep your love for Christ alive and well.